New Drinking Water Quality Standards

The new Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules 2022 established by Taumata Arowai under Section 49 of the Water Services Act 2021 will become effective on 14 November 2022.

The new water services regulator for Aotearoa, New Zealand imposes requirements to supply safe and compliant drinking water with the Water Services (Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand) Regulations 2022

Hach can support all the drinking water testing parameters that you may require to analyse and treat incoming raw water, filtration, disinfection, and distribution systems.

From Turbidity, Conductivity, pH, Chlorine, over to UV Treatment, Online analysers and testing kits - Hach helps you in each stage of the treatment process for the analysis of your drinking water, peace of mind and compliance safety included.

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Process Turbidimeters

For drinking water applications, it’s necessary to continuously monitor each step of the filtration process to prevent costly mishaps and safety issues.

Hach’s turbidity analysers and online laser turbidimeters are the best solution when you need an accurate turbidity reading at a moment’s notice.

TU5300sc/TU5400sc Online Laser Turbidimeters Ultraturb sc Turbidimeter
The TU5 Series employs a patented optical design that sees more of your sample than any other turbidimeter. Discover now The Ultraturb is well suited for everything from filter effluent and distribution systems to raw water monitoring. Discover now

Chlorine Analysers

With a variety of options to choose from, Hach has the Disinfection Analyser you need for your unique application. Known for their accurate and reliable results, Hach's Chlorine Analysers offer real-time results you can count on.

CL10sc Amperometric Chlorine Analyser CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyser
The CL10sc reagentless chlorine analyser allows for real-time control of disinfection processes by providing continuous readings. Discover now The industry standard Hach CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyser uses colorimetric DPD chemistry to continuously monitor water for free or total chlorine. Discover now


Hach offers the testing equipment, resources, training and software to successfully monitor and maintain pH in a wide array of process applications.

Digital pH sensor insertion style
Combination pH/ORP Sensors Digital Differential pH Sensors
Low cost sensor combination technology 3/4” NPT thread. Discover now Differential technology Plug & Play design 1” NPT thread. Discover now


Hach offers ultimate accuracy from ultra-pure to high conductivity applications.

3400sc Digital Contacting Conductivity Sensors
These enhanced performance sensors are manufactured to exacting tolerances using high quality, rugged materials for demanding applications including ultra-pure water. Discover now

UV Treatment

UV Inactivation is the final, critical step in the treatment of drinking water. If untreated and ingested, drinking water containing microorganisms can cause severe, even fatal, health conditions.

UVAS plus sc Sensor TrojanUV OptiView
Hach's UVAS plus sc digital UV probe is designed for the reagent-free determination of the organic load via the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC). Discover now The TrojanUV OptiView™ measures the UV transmittance (UVT) of drinking water continuously, accurately and in real-time.
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Lab Equipment

Our portable and laboratory instruments provide accurate, reliable results that give you the confidence you expect from your measurements. Hach provides you the technology for the most demanding applications.

HQ Series_Portable Device
HQ Series Portable Meters Pocket Testers
Rugged portable meters for use in the field and plant.
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Pocket Pro and Pocket Pro+ Testers measure electrochemical parameters in a broad range of water applications. Shop now
2100Q Portable Turbidimeter DR300 Pocket Colorimeter
The 2100Q portable turbidimeter provides convenient data logging. Shop now The Hach DR300 is a single-parameter colorimeter with several different parameter-specific versions available. Shop now
SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyser (PPA) Chemistries
The Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyser (PPA) performs the same tests with less than half the manual steps.
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Hach is dedicated to providing high-quality reagents for routine and challenging water analysis.
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