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Solutions for remote
monitoring and automated
process management

Remote monitoring. Condition-based maintenance scheduling. Automated process management. These capabilities may have been on your mind for a while now, but it’s likely that recent world events have moved them from the “nice to have” column to the “necessity” list. How will you ensure your workers are safe? How can you reduce the number of visits needed to service instrumentation? Is there a way to remotely monitor and automate your treatment process? Well, here’s some good news for you. For over 5 years Hach has been developing Claros, the Water Intelligence System, which is specifically designed to meet these needs. Learn more below and then submit the form to contact a knowledgeable Hach representative.

Remote Monitoring

Access to real-time measurements, from anywhere and at any time, on any connected device. Quick and hassle-free data management. The ability to easily trend data and compare to historical data. These capabilities all exist within the Claros suite of solutions, so your team can stay appropriately distanced, but still completely connected. For example, Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) – allows you to collect real-time measurements from any location by offering a wide variety of connectivity options, including cellular. By storing your measurements in a secure, cloud-based location, you always have access to your data from anywhere, allowing you to keep a careful eye on things at all times. And if something does change, MSM will immediately notify you through a variety of alert options.

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Automated Process Management

Imagine not having to be on site to take measurements. Imagine your process automatically adjusting blowers or chemical feed pumps based on dynamic setpoints created from real-time data. The Claros Process Management suite has 27+ different modules that help monitor and manage your treatment process, from anywhere. And with both manual and automated modes, you’re always under control, whether you’re on site or off.

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Service & Support

We’ve got your back. With a Support Agreement from Hach, expert operators will always be watching, ready to assist you in monitoring your process. They’ll alert you when things change and act as another set of eyes on your facility. Hear how beneficial this service can be directly from a customer in this short video.

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We're standing by to answer your questions about how Claros can help you find efficiencies, maintain your process, and manage your facility, especially in these challenging times.

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Condition-Based Maintenance

Reducing the number of necessary maintenance visits is not only a massive time saver, it’s also a great way to protect your operators. Mobile Sensor Management (MSM), a Claros-solution, includes predictive diagnostics that will inform you when an instrument needs maintenance. That way you can schedule visits only when necessary, significantly reducing the overall number of visits. Plus, MSM will tell you specifically what maintenance the instrument needs and even what tools or replacement parts to bring, saving your team from frustrating return trips.

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