Dairy Industry – detecting product losses and process optimization

22nd of April 2021


Monitoring product loss is critical in the Dairy industry, with advanced technology and greater visibility into your process control, you will be able to see the complete picture. Capturing sample reduction, having 24-hr coverage, and also faster process control response brings a higher level of plant optimization – this is possible with our continuous monitoring solutions. By making product losses visible through online TOC measurement, internationally renowned dairy companies were able to reduce product losses significantly. Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units can also be optimized with real-time control, helping product loss detection, protecting downstream treatment, and saving resources.

Learning Objectives

Duration:1 hour

  • Understand how product loss can be efficiently monitored in a dairy plant and how it can help optimize your processes.
  • Learn how a DAF unit being covered with 24-hour around-the-clock monitoring can help your plant stay in control of your treatment processes.
  • Learn about advancements in technology that will enable online, continuous monitoring, peace of mind and will help you improve your operations by having the complete picture of product loss.
  • Learn how Hach’s bespoke dairy TOC analyzer is designed to meet the challenges of monitoring across the dairy range. Milk, cheese, cream, powders, fats, oils and greases can be detected giving you the assurance that everything is covered.


Dairy Industry – detecting product losses and process optimization

The webinars are free to join and allow a knowledge share with minimal impact on your busy schedule. The presentation itself will be approximately 40 minutes with a further 20 minutes to raise questions or dive deeper in to the approaches outlined.

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