The Complete Picture: Why Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Matter

Wed, Mar 24, 2021 10:00 AM CET


Monitoring Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen in real-time is novel and with advanced technology and greater visibility into your process control, you will be able to see the complete picture. New regulations and technology have brought a fresh look at the standard of operation in wastewater treatment. Grab sample reduction, 24-hr coverage, and faster process control response brings a higher level of plant stability and optimization. No matter what form of Nitrogen or Phosphorus is the concern of the day, Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen will capture it and let you know changes are happening.

Duration: 1 hour

Learning Objectives

  • Refresh your understanding of total phosphorus and total nitrogen discharges and how they can impact the environment around us.
  • EU regulation is a fluid landscape that guides how and what we treat for. We’ll cover some of the principals of nutrient regulation and its trending direction.
  • Learn how being covered with 24-hour around-the-clock monitoring can help your facility stay in control of your treatment processes.
  • Learn about advancements in technology that will enable online, continuous monitoring and peace of mind, and will help you improve your operations by seeing the complete picture of nutrients


The Challenges of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal.

Wed, Mar 24, 2021 10:00 AM CET (1:00 pm GST, 2:30 PM IST)

Peter Bringsken
Senior Sales Manager

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